The 2021 SCNPL season kicks off on Saturday, March  20th - IF ALLOWED BY STATE GUIDELINES!


To be prepared, please follow the check list below:

  • Check-In at the headquarters tent one (1) hour prior to kickoff. Teams will receive 25 SCNPL patches. All teams must provide their US Club Soccer player and staff cards. Any player who does not have a US Club Soccer player card with your club name on it, is ineligible to play.

  • For field address & parking fee info, click here.

  • Rosters: If you have last minute player adds to your roster, update them in the Got Soccer system. The roster in the Got Soccer system is the one printed on the game card. When checking-in, you will review your roster and any players not listed can be written in by our staff.

  • Game Cards: Teams are required to print game cards. Both home and away teams should both bring 3 copies to be safe. To print game cards - 1) log into Got Soccer, 2) click on SCNPL 2020, 3) click on schedule tab, 4) click on game # with PDF icon.

Rules to remember:

  • Every SCNPL Registered Player may only play on one (1) SCNPL team per day.

  • A maximum of eighteen (18) SCNPL Registered Players from a SCNPL Team’s SCNPL Roster will be eligible for each game in SCNPL Competition (the “SCNPL Game Day Roster”). If more than eighteen (18) SCNPL Registered Players appear on a SCNPL Roster, the “active” players for the SCNPL Competition must be identified on the SCNPL Game Report.

  • Substitutions - Once a SCNPL Registered Player is substituted in one half of any SCNPL Competition, such SCNPL Registered Player may not re-enter the game for the duration of the half. There shall be a maximum of seven (7) substitutions in any half of any SCNPL Competition.

  • Game Length - 2008-2007 = 70 min games, 2006-2005 = 80 min games, & 2004-2002 = 90 min games.

  • Ref Fees - 2008-2007= $67/team, 2006-2005 = $76/team, 2004-2002 = $85/team. Please bring cash.

  • Field Etiquette. All players, parents, administrators and spectators of each team must, where possible, stay on their respective side of the field (at least five yards off the sideline) during all games. Respective side shall be determined by the Home Team. The Home Team shall select its side of the field and the Visiting Team shall go to the opposite side of the field. No spectators are to be positioned behind the assistant referees. All spectators will reside left of their team's technical area. SCNPL personnel shall have the right to request the referee to enforce this rule during the game. 

  • Uniforms. When the colors of two (2) competing teams are similar to the point of confusion during play, as judged by the Referee, the home team shall change shirts. If a team’s uniform conflicts with the uniform of the Referee and the Referee elects not to change, the conflicting team MUST change to its alternate uniform.